Mission #0 - "Mount Up"

After graduation of the Command Academy and some time as an Executive Officer on the USS Gemini Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie is offered a Command position on the Centaur class USS Pegasus.

Caelen scrapes together a crew, mostly build up out of experienced, be it a weird combination, crewmembers. Now they make ready to board the USS Pegasus that is docked at Starbase 343, ready for adventure, ready to head for the stars.

It only takes a short time but it was turbulent nonetheless, Ensign Ronald Evans (Chief Operations) makes a set of first impressions that are unforgettable. Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (Acting-Chief Communications) stabs Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova (Executive Officer) in a 'Friendly' fencing duel. Which in turn gives Doctor Russell D. Floyd (Chief Medical Officer) some work to do. T'Rell (Chief Flight Control) and his fiancée B'Inca (Nurse) get acquainted with the CO, his wife and his daughter. And to make Kristiana's day, and matters worse, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Kathleen Black (Chief Engineer) fires the Engines up without the proper permissions.

Just in time the Chief of Security/Tactical Officer joins the crew to see if there is ANY way to bring some order into the chaos that is the Crew of the USS Pegasus. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Matsu Takashi is burdened with this task, may God be with him.

All the refits are complete, all the paper work done. The USS Pegasus is cleared for take off and they set course for the Romulan Neutral zone. After a lot of paperwork and diplomatic debates an officer exchange program is set up, the Pegasus is one of the first ships to partake in this program. They head for Tarsonius Prime to pick up their future Chief Diplomatic Officer, Lieutenant Kennock, and Letek, the Romulan Exchange Officer.


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