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On this page a list of missions will keep you informed on what the Pegasus is up to.
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Current Mission:

Mission #3: "A Mirror Shattered"

The Pegasus is send back to Starbase 343 to recieve further instructions for their next mission. On the way back however they realize that they might not arive back on SB343... ever.

Upcoming Mission:
Mission #4: "Trojan Horse"
Mission #5: "That's My Q"

Past Missions:
(listed chronilogically, oldest mission first)

Mission #0: "Mount Up"
Still docked at Starbase 343 the crew of the USS Pegasus is getting ready to mount the mythical horse... (read more)

Mission #1: "Renegade Deception"

After the needed paper work the Pegasus gets a rights of passage through the Romulan Neutral
Zone to retrieve their Chief Diplomatic Officer and a Romulan Exchange Officer from Tarsonius Prime.
Once they head back towards Federation Space a sensor scan reveals several lifepods adrift, The
Pegasus moves in closer to investigate... (read more)

Mission #1.5: "Repreive"

The Pegasus arrives at Starbase 343 from some well deserved R&R, new orders and repairs after being smacked around by that Romulan warbird (read more)

Mission #2: "Pandora's Box"

After the rather aggresive mission in the Romulan Neutral zone the USS Pegasus gets the order to put its enormous amount of Cargo space to work. A Cargo delivery mission to Earth, with old archeological items in their cargo bay they set off... But what is inside that one box? (read more)

Mission #2.5: "Blue Ball"

Now that the Doctor has the viral outbreak beaten with his trusty Hypo the crew of the Pegasus is free to run around on that Big Blue Ball some of us call home, Shoreleave on Earth!