Mission #1.5 - "Repreive"

After limping back to Federation space the Pegasus Docks with Starbase 343, which is the 'homeport' of the Centaur class vessel. In the Starbase everybody has time to unwind and relax a bit while the engineering crews, of both the Starbase and the Pegasus herself, are repairing and recalibrating everything after the attack from the Romulan Warbird T'Met.

The Marine CO shows just how bad ass he is be reliving the Battle for Gallon 5. Although nobody has ever heard of such a battle but it was bound to be good.

Lt. Kristiana Petrova is transferred to the Starbase's Sickbay for further treatment of her arm. But a certain Caitian Morale officer decides differently and kidnapped the good XO, although she doesn't put up a big fight. They take a stroll on the beach and end up in the room of aforementioned Caitian.

A lot of new people join the crew of the Pegasus, for example a bartender who can mix several drinks in twenty nine seconds flat. And a color changing reptilian like creature that goes by the name Kosoandre... Kosoandrisall... Kosoandridesell... ah whatever... Koso.

That very same night Ronald Evans decides to take a "short" stroll over the starbase promenade, in fact he likes the scenery so much that he goes right and ends up in a bar about 20 meters Left of the Airlock where the Pegasus is docked at. A bar with a Tellarite as the owner... I hope you get the picture.

After some glasses his CO joins him at the table. Drinking some Earth drink called 'tequilla', the good Doctor joins them in the quest of emptying the bottle. Just when they succeed T'Rell walks in and wonders what strange terran ritual they are holding.

With Evans passed out Caelen decides that T'Rell still owes him a game of pool, unfortunately the glasses of Tequilla doesn't help his game and he puts the Eight-Ball ending the game prematurely. They decide it's time to go 'home' and they drag Evans back to the USS Pegasus.

Meanwhile our Chief Engineer has more problems then the Engines alone, luckily we have our always helpful Chief Counselor there to give her a listening ear. He was perceptive enough to find out the problem and prescribed some anti-depressive to make her sleep a little better again.

The rest of the night went by quite nicely but, not full Commander, LaBrie finds himself empty handed when he walks into sickbay looking for his trusty XO. A very helpful other patient informs him of what happened. He sets out to track her down, on his way to the science department he runs into her on the promenade. After a short argument Caelen decided to give her a promotion and new orders so that she wouldn’t stroll off without notifying anyone and ignore doctor’s orders any time soon.

Stashed safely back in sickbay Petrova can’t do much besides playing Tetris on a PADD. Lt. Black pays her a visit and they have a girly talk about… stuff… you know… girly stuff. Yes even Lt. Cmdr. Petrova is capable of girly things.

Even our counselor shows us that mental warfare is not all he is capable off. Although the assault on Normandy didn’t go exactly as he remembered it from his history. At least we can still feel safe… that he’s not a marine.

All good things must come to an end and as closure to the first mission the Pegasus was send on was up for debriefing. The Commander called for a Staff Meeting and everybody happily answered his call… more because it was an order then they wanted to.

In the staff meeting they found out that their Chief Diplomatic Officer would be leaving them making the entire first mission nothing more then a waste of time. Although some would disagree on that. At least we tested how well we would do against a Romulan Warbird… the outcome of our test? Two boarding parties and warp four.

After this they needed something a bit more relaxing... well perhaps towing valuable and mysterious objects across federation space would be a welcome change of Pace... if only they can keep their hands of that box...

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