Mission #1 - "Renegade Deception "

The proper paper work is done, after lengthy talks with the Romulan Star Empire the Federation has agreed to set up a Officer Exchange program between the two Universal super powers. Since the future Chief Diplomatic Officer of the USS Pegasus had a big role in this agreement it was not more then logical to put the first Romulan Exchange Officer onboard before mentioned vessel.

Sublieutenant Letek is chosen to partake in this exchange program to tighten the bonds between the two super powers. He is an Operations Officer that served the Romulan Empire with much honor, he is awaiting his pick up together with Lieutenant Kennock (Chief Diplomatic Officer) on Tarsonius Prime, a planet located in the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Again politics and endless debates have ended up in an agreement to let the USS Pegasus fly through the Romulan Neutral zone to get their officers. The Pegasus heads straight for Tarsonius on warp six, but problems with the Warp Core have it stall three to four hours into the journey.

Quick response from the Engineering crew, working closely together with the Operations team had the Horse up and galloping again in a mere one and a half hours. And Ensign Evans is left with the scars to prove that Plasma is indeed a very hot substance which will make you squeal like a little girl.

The Pegasus moves on and finally arrives at Tarsonius Prime, without much delay they beam up the Lieutenant and Sublieutenant and make a one-eighty degrees turn back towards Federation space. As they paced on at a satisfactory warp six a paranoid Kristiana makes sure that they don't miss any fragment of spacedust in the RNZ.

Because of the XO the sensors pick up some kind of debris, as they move closer they realize that the debris where actually several escape pods, seven to be exact, of unknown origin. After consideration on the bridge Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie orders the transport of the life pods into the main cargo bay.

A Security dispatch, Lt. Cmdr. LaBrie and Lt. Kennock inspected the life pods that were now stored in the cargo bay, the aliens they found inside appeared to be lizard Bob Marleys. With green snake like skin and black dread locks and only Four Fingers!

A medical dispatch of Emerson, Lake and Palmer come to help the aliens inside the pods, only before they realize this has more urgency then thought. Evans is ordered to beam the six still living Reptillians into sickbay behind forcefields, Petrova wonders if Evans can manage 'erecting forcefields'

After the magnificent work of Doctor Russell D. Floyd the 'Alpha Male' of the Reptillians awakes and explains that they are actually Reptilloids, a crossbreed between Reptillians and Humanoids. the Commander and Lt. Kennock are asked to help Floyd out in sickbay.

In the meanwhile the USS Pegasus resumes their way to Federation space, but when the request comes from Byranitz, the Alpha Male, to track down his vessel, which he claims was stolen, the Commander gives in and sets an intercept course with a vessel that matches the energy patterns and composition of the Life pods.

The Reptilloids are put in guest quarters rather then in the brig, as a gesture of good will. Unfortunately they decided to stretch their legs and see if their poison and claws were still working ok while they were at it. Moving towards Sickbay as it is the only place they had been apart from the guest quarters, they leave two security officers in their wake, with severe acid burns and paralysis.

Meeting the good Doctor in Sickbay they force Russell to tell them the location of the Main bridge by taking two hostages (being Alexandra LaBrie and Ensign B'Inca) and killing a third. They also have Russell call security to Deck eight, to get security from the bridge.

After the security alert from Russell, Lt. Kristiana and Lt. (jg) Takashi head out to see what is going on, all they find is two paralyzed security officers and they realized what happened. Only to late, the Reptilloids have already taken control off the bridge and were getting closer to their target, a Huddren transport ship.

Before Kristiana and Kathleen can route bridge control down to Engineering Byranitz his closest friend is able to fire two torpedoes on the Huddren ship. The XO and Chief Engineer try their best to avoid incoming shots from the Huddren vessel, unfortunately the suspicions Evans had earlier were right, a Romulan Warbird Decloaks.

Colonel Sock of the IRW T'Met contacts Lt. Petrova but after not answering his questions to his satisfaction and cutting communications there is nothing else he can do and immobilizes the USS Pegasus. Two boarding parties are send in after the shields of the Pegasus are down.

Alpha team is send to the bridge under command of Colonel Sock in attempt to find out what is going on, once rematerialized they find themselves in an explosive situation with the Hudorian (as the Rommies call the Reptilloids) and the Federation Bridge crew.

Beta team is send to secure Main Engineering, nearly a dozen Romulan security officers under command of Major Bokma materialize in the corridors to engineering they realize that the Starfleet Security Personnel already have a perimeter in place and can't do nothing until fired upon.

Meanwhile on the bridge the stand off has been broken when the USS Pegasus shot into warp, one of the Hudorians has fired his weapon on a Romulan officer and unleashed the fury of all three sides. Shots are being traded between the Rommies and Reptilloids while the bridge crew tries to stay out of harms way.

Untill a familliar voice is hear screaming a familliar warning "Flash and Clear!" only a split second before a flash grenade lands in the middle of the bridge and detonates. The Federation people know what to do when hearing the words 'Flash' and 'Grenade' in the same sentence, they cover their ears and close their eyes to protect themselves.

The Hudorian panic and shoot around at nothing and everything, Byranitz however realizes he still has hostages and claws for the nearest, being Ensign B'Inca. After wounding her and using her as a mobile shield he throws her aside against a bulkhead before leaping towards Caelen.

Evans, now awoken by the flash grenade, finds himself with that club he had been wishing for and wonders whom he owes his kingdom to. But with no time to find a satisfying answer he used his new found toy on Byranitz his face, who was then rechristened to 'Byranitz the Son-of-a-b$#@h'

All this while T'Rell lept into combat with a Roundhousekick and some other fancy moves to save his wounded and unconcious fiancée B'Inca, he was able to get past two Reptilloids and held her in his arms, yes even Vulcans can be cute from time to time.

Rest restored on the bridge Colonel Sock orders his troops to stand down arms, this includes the Romulans in Engineering. Major Bokma stand down arms and surrender to the Starfleet personell they had faught only moments before. The security officers from to whom they surrender are ordered to escort the Romulans to the transporter room. With them out of the way Kristiana buckles under her wounds and lays weeping on the floor, supported by Matsu Takashi.

Caelen has had a good talk with Sock and accompanies him to the exit. With him safely onboard his own ship again the Pegasus resumes course to Starbase 343. Everyone is ordered to take some rest as Beta shift takes over the bridge.

Awoken by the sound of a docking Pegasus Caelen leaps out of bed and realizes his XO is in sickbay hurt and broken. Before disembarking he visits her to make sure she's alright. Hoping that she will be back on her feet at the time of the debriefing and the new orders that await the USS Pegasus.

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