Mission #2 - "Pandora's Box "

Together with Starbase 343's engineering crew the Pegasus is made space worthy again after the brawl they had with the Romulan Warbird and the Huddren vessel. Although one did more damage then the other the conclusion was that we had to Run... run like hell.

But we have all that behind us now as they set sail to Earth, cargo bays packed with Archeological rubbish and other various stuff. It's a nice change of pace after the fight in the RNZ but off course it wouldn't be the Pegasus if somebody made something happen.

Ryylar continues his search for women to complete his alphabet but stumbles on the letter P way to soon. And we discover why Caelen looks like a 20th century rockstar, judging from his adventures in the holodeck he IS a 20th century rock star!

Matsu doesn't let a simple Lieutenant Commander stop him from drinking on the job and Kristiana on her turn doesn't stop the Lieutenant (junior grade) from passing the 'spirits' along. With them two in the torpedo bay suddenly I don't feel so safe.

In the meanwhile our trusty shrink is burdened with the job to give everyone on the vessel a psych evaluation, he reckons he can do it in the four days we need to get to Earth, off course he couldn't predict what would happen in the cargo bays.

Cooper shows her direct boss, Ryylar, what an asset she really is to the bar and changes into more comfertable before making her way to the quartermaster, to do some 'convincing'. Just when she leaves Lt. Black enters for a cup of special coffee, luckily Ryylar can help her with that as well... what a man.

That same night he gets drunk in the vacinity of Kristiana, and our good Russian XO would never deny a good drink. Long story short they end up in one room again, just like on the Starbase. Only this time he didn't have to kidnap her.

The Next day Caelen tries to be his social self once more and invites Lt. Black for a game of Tennis, luckily they are both around the same level, which means somewhere near rock bottom. But they have fun nevertheless.

After this he takes a short detour to his ready room to find his Yeoman pouring in a fresh orange juice as he requested the day before. After a small conversation they come to a conclusion: the ready-room needs a Mini-bar.

The refreshment of the OJ did him well and Caelen went out for a stroll, hoping to walk into Evans. As luck would have it the computer directed him directly to Evans wile he was 'entertaining' himself with the Holodeck's computer. A talk and yet another rock song helped Caelen make a deal with the Chief Ops, he would get his Real smart if he would allow the CO to set him up with a date.

This is around the time Kristiana wakes up from her drunken sleep and realizes what happened the night before, with the help of our furry friend off course. Ryylar promises her that he will wait for her love for about Nine lifetimes, which is rather long... even for a Caitian.

Another Cat shapes up her room and decorates it with Caitian blades before slipping into a uniform and head to the bridge, taking a seat behind the Science Console Melina seems to feel right at home.

It seems that Kristiana has fully recovered from the headbump and drink the night before and she is determined to get the contraption on her arm Off. She visits dear doctor Russell D. Floyd so that he can asses the shoulder and take off the sling.

Yet another social event for Caelen as he shares a drink talking with Lieutenant 'Kitty' Black in the lounge, about the nicer side of life, like music and broken strings. As Kitty left Caelen didn't need to be alone much, Kristiana walked in on him.

The CO and XO have a good talk about the holodeck and all its users, ending up going there themselves as well, just to show Kris what Caelen is doing there in almost all his spare time. After this Kristiana reported to the Counselor to finish his report on her mental state.

At a steady pace of warp four the Pegasus coasts on, meanwhile in the Cargo bays the science teams are ordered to inventory the cargo bays. After what happened in the last mission Caelen wants to know Exactly what is on his ship.

Unfortunately our very own Helm Vulcan, T'Rell, can't stop Chief Petty Officer 2nd class Nalash from opening a box to see what's inside. With only milimeters of opening something escapes from the box, although nobody sees it T'Rell immediately drops to his knees and finally ends up in a coma. While Nalash feels no difference the Science cat, Melina, crawls out of the Cargo bay almost sufficating.

The Doctor is called and he saves the redshirted Ensign from certain death, doing this all while having an Orion scientist's mate going absolutely nuts as she can't seem to keep her thoughts in her mind, where they belong. After realizing what was going on the Doctor advized her to take some rest, that perhaps this was some traumatic reaction to what happened.

Nalash couldn't sit still for too long and decided she could 'rest' on the bridge just as well as in her room, and on the bridge she would at least be a bit helpful. So she took the turbolift and headed to the bridge, only to sit down and stare at her console while the Commander and Evans were discussing things behind her.

...Story will be updated/Finished as soon as possible...

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