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USS Pegasus

Welcome to the homepage of the USS Pegasus !

The Pegasus, a Centaur class starship, is an ObsidianFleet Star Trek simulation roleplaying game.

August 4th 2006 - With a new month comes a new Motto! We have changed from "The Difficult we do Immediately, the impossible takes a little while longer" to "Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici" which is latin and translates to "By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe".
July 28th 2006 - I am sad to announce that Magdalena Deacon has left the USS Pegasus, again we lose a Chief Diplomatic Officer. With this departure I have decided that Diplomatic Officers will not be part of the Crew anymore, I have deleted the Department.
July 8th 2006 - After a more succesfull vote then last month we have a Crew's Choice Award! Check the Bio of Ronald Evans for his Second Crew's Choice! Congrats Lieuteant Evans!!!
July 3rd 2006 - Even in these dark times we are graced with a new crewmember, everybody please welcome Lt. (jg) River Kyle as our new Assistant Chief Engineer!
June 25th 2006 - Due to some Re-arranging in the Task Forces of Obsidian Fleet the USS Pegasus is Now placed in Task Force 47-A: Musketeers. This will not have any impact on the Sim or posting, but I just thought I'd inform you.
  June 12th 2006 - the POTM for May has been chosen! Although I was a bit disappointed by the amount of Voters we still have a winner! Congratulations Lt. Black, for the first Single Post of the Month!  
  June 12th 2006 - Crew's Choice Award! Congratulations to Hannah O'Driscoll to win this prestigious award! I hope you wear it with pride!  
  May 21st 2006 - I know it's been way to long since April but I finally uploaded the POTM for April! You already know who won but just to show off and to refresh your minds it is now on the site! Congrats Petrova and Sulan!  
  May 21st 2006 - We only dropped to a lower amount of players very shortly, we're now higher then before with 15 members on this crew! If you check the Crew Manifest you will see that we welcome two new players! A Strategic Operations Officer and a Chief Diplomatic (the Third one!). Welcome aboard Lieutenant Giovanni Valentino DiRisio and Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Magdalena Caroline Deacon!  
  This is not all that has happened on the Pegasus, click here for the News Archives  

Centaur Class

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